Waterproof Car Cover Fits Sedans up to 200 inches

TheELEGO TRADING  Rain Barrier car cover offers easy to use, 100% waterproof indoor and outdoor protection.

This vehicle cover is constructed from a 3 layer material consisting of an inside and outside layer of spun-bond polypropylene. The middle layer is made from a waterproof film.

Unlike most waterproof car covers,this Rain Barrier features micro-pore technology that allows condensation to escape as evaporated gas – giving your vehicle inside and outside protection. This cover is great for outdoor and indoor use.

The soft, nonabrasive material will not harm the surface of your vehicle. This cover features a full elastic hem and built-in grommets. Our car covers are available in a variety of sizes that will popular car makes and models, like Mazda miata, Honda accords, bmw, Honda civics, dodge challengers, Toyota Camrys and more.


Price: $39.99

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